Some more days and the winter season is re-opend and we would like to present you the SAFETRONIC machine. Your safety is our top priority therefore we suggest you a service check prior your ski holidays.

Bring your skis with one ski boot to our ski rental and we will take care of them.

Base, edge and wax belong to the basic ski service. In addition, we will also control the bindings electronically in accordance with ISO 11088, so you are ready to enjoy your skis on the slopes. Here some reasons why we offer it to you:

  1. The bindings should be electronically controlled every 15-30 ski days, this means before your winter holidays
  2. We pay attention to safety and quality
  3. The bindings will be checked by our competent employees and then from our SAFETRONIC machine, in order to check the functional parts and the adjustment scale
  4. The ski bindings are durable 10 years, and after the electronic control they are more secure
  5. The electronic control takes about 5 minutes and is far more efficient
  6. If the binding is correctly adjusted, the risk of knee injuries is reduced

We hope you enjoy skiing with the right attitude of the binding.

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